Winning Words

Words of encouragement, kindness draw attention

Thanks again for all of the emails regarding my column and the “Winning Words” found here each week. I truly appreciate you all. Interestingly enough, and based on the community’s feedback, it …
Winning Words

Hope — a strategy and a tactic in the pursuit of success

Is hope a strategy that can drive success? Is hope a tactic we can put into practice to help us achieve our goals and dreams? Is being hopeful a character trait that when fully developed can lead us …
Craig Marshall Smith
Quiet Desperation

You only get one life, but hey, no pressure

“September Song” is a song. While the title has always been perplexing to me (why wasn’t it called “September”), the metaphor implied in it never has been, although when I first understood …
Winning Words

For continuous improvement, focus on continuous learning

“In times of change the learners will inherit the earth, as the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.” — Eric Hoffer And since it seems like the …

Craig Marshall Smith
Quiet Desperation

Want to be a mermaid? Fin, have it your way

I just heard about something called “mermaiding.” It’s been around for a while, but I do my best to stay out of touch, partly because some of these things come and go almost overnight. The …
Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: A good deed

A good deed My husband and I were driving from McPherson, Kansas, to the mountains when we stopped in Castle Rock for groceries. We want to thank a wonderful, but unknown lady who stayed with our van …

Letter to the editor: Take deal off table

Take deal off table If I were a billionaire (and you don’t know that I’m not) I too would make the same decision as our Douglas County commissioners and donate my $10 million to the school …

Letter to the editor: Get wise about water

Get wise about water Recently, I received an email from the Castle Rock water department stating that 1.3 billion gallons of water is used to water lawns in the town yearly. Since most of the Castle …

Letter to the editor: DCSD has made strides

DCSD has made strides As a long time Douglas county resident, a parent of two Douglas county school district graduates, and as I look forward to the birth of my first grandchild, I am reminded once …

Letter to the editor: Meek deserves your vote

Meek deserves your vote I would like to extend my gratitude to Wendy Vogel for representing my area, District A, on the Douglas County School Board for these past four years. Wendy has been a true …
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