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Letter: Schools should be top priority


Earlier this year, principals at middle and high schools in the Douglas County School District were blindsided by sudden budget cuts which will directly impact students this fall. Despite outcry from the community resulting in a slight reinvestment, many schools are still facing the inability to maintain basic levels of educational support.

Multiple schools have announced staff cuts, class size increases and curriculum losses.

Shockingly, upper administrators were granted salary raises and retention bonuses one day prior to these budget cuts being handed down. Furthermore, DCSD administrative departments are budgeted for $18.5 million more than they spent two years ago, not including special education. With nearly all DCSD students attending a neighborhood secondary school at some point during their education, we need to do better by our kids in this school district by funding schools first and foremost, making them a priority over upper administration.

Meg Masten

Highlands Ranch


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Most frustrating about DCSD Administration is the lack of competence and concern about students and teachers due to a puppet mentality that follows orders from a particular reform group.

Observe BOE Meetings which are full of inarticulate ramblings with no point other than to waste time. Both Kane and Cook should watch the April 4 Meeting and see how foolish they look. Was this another attempt at a funny video?

The layers "staff" in DCSD Admin who do nothing - absolutely nothing - to improve the interests of the students and teachers. Why are there so many layers of staff who point you back to incompetent Building Administration? Are they playing "Who's on first?"

When forced to be held accountable, they cannot due to the varied building requirements/needs.

Friday, April 7 | Report this

Why do parents have to BEG for money to be put into schools instead of into overhead at the upper administration level? Further, the district's IT projects need to be properly budgeted and tracked (not happening right now or for the past 7 years ). This is unacceptable! Honesty and transparency would go a long way to start to rebuild trust in our community. Quit treating our taxpayer money like a slush fund, DCSD! Start doing what is best for all of the kids in our schools instead.

Monday, April 10 | Report this