Noise monitors installed by Centennial Airport

Douglas, Arapahoe each get six gauges


In a continued effort to keep the noise level down for people living and working in the flight path of Centennial Airport, the Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority is in the process of installing noise monitors in Arapahoe and Douglas counties.

The authority began site selection in 2009, selecting six locations in each county. The airport has already put up five monitors, all of which are solar, two on airport property, one in Cherry Creek State Park, and one each in Lone Tree and Castle Rock.

With the Aug. 27 approval by the Douglas County commissioners to allow for construction of a 22-foot tall monitor, similar in stature to a telephone pole, on public land along Fifth Street in Parker’s Grandview’s Estates, the airport authority now has clearance for all 12 monitors, the last of which will be installed this September.

“It will give us the capability to measure the actual noise of aircraft departing from and arriving at the airport,” said Michael Fronapfel, deputy director of planning and development with Centennial Airport. “Having a noise system is not necessarily a requirement; however it’s one of the things the FAA is willing to fund to assist airports with addressing some of the noise impacts on the community.”

Fronapfel said the sites were selected to give a wide representation of flight paths into the airport as planes head over local communities, in addition in areas where the airport has received complaints of too much noise in the past.

“This study allows us to be able to go back to the FAA and say if a particular route is problematic for us,” Fronapfel said. “It’s good to have a historical picture of where we are making improvements or if we are going in the wrong direction.”

In addition to the Grandview Estates noise monitor, the remaining seven locations where monitors will be installed include the Meridian area, Surrey Ridge and at E-470 and Parker Road in Douglas County, as well as Greenwood Village, Aurora’s Sagebrush Park and Hunter’s Hill in Centennial in Arapahoe County. With the exception of a solar install in Surrey Ridge, the others will all be electric.

The expected lifespan of each monitor is 20 years, Fronapfel said, adding that the airport spent just $75,000 on the entire project, with the remaining $1.5 million coming from a Federal Aviation Administration grant.

No local tax dollars are being spent on the project.


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