My name is...Mike DeSimone

Cryotherapy clinic owner left dentistry after injury


About me

I’ve been a resident since 1998. All four of my children have been raised here. My two younger ones were born here. I had my dental practice, right across the street from here (Castle Rock Cryo Care at 751 Maleta Lane) from 2000 until just recently. I live here, work here and play here. I’m a skier, a golfer, we like to hike too.

Caring: It’s in my being

I became a dentist because I like to help people. It’s actually in my being to be a caregiver. And I had more control than being a physician — there’s more direct contact.

I’ve been here in Castle Rock since 1998. I practiced dentistry for 16 of those. And then I got injured and the only way I was getting relief by regular physicians was getting prescriptions. So I looked for another way to get pain relief.

I did some research to find an alternative way to treat my injury. I found this (cryotherapy), actually more through online research, and then it was very difficult to find it anywhere in the state. There was only one other place that did it — it was actually in the closet of a hair salon. So I went there and got tremendous relief and weaned myself off narcotics and anxiety pills.

Opening a cryotherapy clinic

The treatment that I do here again, as a caregiver, is to help people relieve pain and to recover from sports injuries. It’s been available to elite athletes probably here in the United States for about five or six years, and it’s been used in Europe since the 1990s. They use it actually for medical treatment.

At its core it is a treatment for inflammation. Inflammation is what give us pain, soreness, sickness and it causes us to age. So what this (cryotherapy) does is it’s a cold air treatment that lowers your skin temperature by 30 to 50 degrees, for a short period of time. It’s only three minutes, but it elicits a response from your brain to send out endorphins, encephalin, adrenalin and it fights cortisol, which is a stress hormone.

For people who have injuries it allows them to recover. For people who are fit already it allows their workouts to be better. And then for beauty, it makes your skin look good.

My advice

Keep striving for your dream. I’ve had a lot of barriers that have been thrown up against me. I’ve had cancer, I’ve had heart disease, I’ve had a career-ending injury, but I keep going. Never stop striving. I looked at the barrier or the adversity as an opportunity. I just turned 60. At the ripe old age of 60 I’m starting a new career. I hope to be doing this for 20 years or 30 years.


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