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Letter to the editor: Time for new direction


In the "Union numbers declining" article that ran in the Aug. 7 print editions, once again Douglas County School Board vice president Doug Benevento shows his caustic side - as he always does.

How many more teachers need to leave before Doug understands that they don't like him, his fellow board members or the administration, and that their choice to leave has nothing to do with unions? When a large auditorium is filled to the brim with new teachers for training, you have effectively thrown away the legacy and knowledge that experienced teachers can provide.

At the same time we parents that know better will welcome and support all teachers, but who is going to provide that know-how that they need? When you have almost 50 percent of your administrators leave, you have lost not only the trust of the community, but to tie in another article from Aug. 7 (Ballot won't feature schools), any possibility that we would provide you with more money to squander.

If a CEO lost 50 people of their top people in one year as the Douglas County School District has, that CEO would be fired for sure. I only hope this is also the case for this BOE and Administration. 2015 cannot come any faster.


James Martin

Highlands Ranch


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Friday, August 22, 2014 | Report this


Friday, August 22, 2014 | Report this