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Letter to the editor: School buildings' needs deserve attention


It is quite obvious that our aging schools need work. It is no different than homeowners needing to do repairs to their homes such as replacing a water heater, a furnace or air conditioner, etc. to maintain certain standards.

A good presentation was made June 17 to the Douglas County School Board on what school facilities were facing on needed repairs and how to fund those needs.

Some board members stated that asking voters for money now was not the best time. It was said that the economy had not recovered sufficiently and many taxpayers are still struggling. I agree.

However as a member of the school district's fiscal oversight committee, I received information months ago stating that due to current bonds expiring, we would be able to float additional bonds without having any increase in property tax if we did so in 2014 or 2015. Waiting any longer will cause the tax burden to decrease, lowering property taxes, and seeking a vote after 2015 that would cause voting for new taxes.

I believe if we wait and take this issue to the ballot it will fail because the culture this board has created in the community would cause voters would vote against it. Even though a slim margin has kept this board in control, many parents, staff and non-parent taxpayers are not supportive of the board's direction.

Prior to making the right decision of fixing our schools, major efforts need to be taken by both sides to heal wounds that have been created. We need to begin listening to each other and come to a consensus on what is the best avenue to educate our youth.

Don't let an opportunity to fix our schools without raising taxes pass us by due to the inability of adults not being able to resolve their differences. We ask our kids to find ways to resolve conflicts with siblings or peers at home or at school, why can't the community be good role models for this behavior?

Dave Usechek




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To answer the writer's last question, because those who have the ability to open up a dialog in an attempt to resolve conflict, the elected school board, do not appear to be interested in being good role models. For over four years, teachers and concerned parents have tried to open that dialog, only to be shot down, mocked and publicly ridiculed by a school board that puts ever-increasing restrictions on public comment at their meetings, while giving themselves ample time to pontificate about their own views. Emails go unanswered, survey results are ignored... Even the new survey they say they intend to conduct shows the makings not of a true community survey, but of a push poll, per their own Request For Proposal.

It's true that we need to listen to each other, but many involved parents and teachers have tried and long ago realized that the only way that'll happen is to elect some new directors who value the education of our kids over political ideology. Sadly, we missed our opportunity last November.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 | Report this

How about this BOE decide to use some of the money they are hording to fix a few things up. I will never vote for more money nor back it as long as this BOE is in place and blowing money left and right on useless initiatives, like the many times larger marketing and PR department they blow money on. Good schools don't need to convince people to come or stay with them

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 | Report this