‘Duck Dynasty’ coming to Castle Rock courtesy of The Rock Christian Academy


It will be “Duck Dynasty” central at the Douglas County Event Center when the Robertsons come to town.

Phil and Willie Robertson, self-proclaimed “rednecks” and stars of the popular A&E television show “Duck Dynasty,” will be in Castle Rock May 19 as guests of The Rock Christian Academy.

The Robertsons will share their stories of faith, family and work ethic during the event to raise money for the private school.

The Robertsons receive hundreds of speaking invitations each year and are selective about the invitations they accept, said Michael Brumbaugh, assistant director of parent-teacher fellowship for The Rock Christian Academy.

Brumbaugh got the “Duck Dynasty” education during weeks of lobbying for their visit to Castle Rock. Brumbaugh was introduced to the Robertsons during a family visit.

“When my father-in-law was here visiting for Christmas, he introduced me to the show,” Brumbaugh said. “I watched it that night and I was just rolling. I thought it was great.”

The “Duck Dynasty” family made its fortune with a patented duck call, and their reality show follows their lives in the Louisiana bayou as they run their family business and their backwoods homes.

Brumbaugh does not know what pushed The Rock Christian Academy to the top of the list for the “Duck Dynasty” group, but plans to use proceeds from the event to help fund a 10,000-square-foot expansion of the existing building, revitalize the school’s playground and provide financial aid and scholarships to families who can’t afford the tuition.

When the Douglas County School District voucher program became stalled in a legal battle, the school wanted to find a way to help families afford to send their kids to the private Christian academy, he said.

“When your heart believes in something as strongly as I believe in the school and you can see what it’s doing for kids and God’s presence, I said I’m going to keep calling until I get a yes,” Brumbaugh said. “The administration staff at the school couldn’t believe it.”

First- and second-grade teacher Sarah Bernacki was among those who suspended disbelief to daydream about the visit from some of her favorite television stars.

Bernacki’s students assembled “Duck Dynasty” masks and are among those who each day greet a life-size poster of Willie Robertson, stationed in the school hallway.

Among Bernacki’s favorite Robertson customs is an uncle’s solution for the beaver dams that plague his creeks. Instead of trapping beavers, he blows up the dams.

Because it’s so much more fun.

“I know way too much about them,” Bernacki said. “I just can’t wait.”

“Duck Dynasty” stars Phil and Willie Robertson will appear at 7 p.m., May 19, at the Douglas County Event Center, 500 Fairgrounds Drive in Castle Rock. Line up for entry begins at 3 p.m., the doors will open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets start at $60. For more information, call 303-688-0777. To purchase tickets visit www.therock.org and follow the Duck Dynasty link on the scrolling vertical banner.

Ducky-isms from Willie Robertson: the pros and cons of working with family


• I know their habits, which makes it easier to motivate them.

• When they’re not at work, I know exactly where they are: hunting.

• If they mess up at work, I know where they live.

• The money always stays in the family.


• You can’t fire your family when they screw up.

• If there’s ever an issue at work, you can’t leave it at the office because you see them at dinner every night.

• The term "show up to work on time" doesn’t apply to family.

• Nap time at work is more frequent with family.

Source: www.aetv.com/duck-dynasty


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