Douglas County Sheriff's Office briefs


Milk prank is criminal mischief

Authorities received three reports of a YouTube sensation known as “gallon smashing” at King Soopers stores in Castle Rock, Castle Pines and Highlands Ranch. The prank involves teenagers who enter a grocery store, grab gallons of milk, throw them in the air, then pretend to slip and fall on the “spilled milk.” One or two of the teenagers commit the act while another films it, capturing the action on video.

King Soopers handled a claim in Castle Pines by a customer who gave authorities the name “Garrett Foster” after the teen was required by store management to file a report before leaving the store. Store security discovered the ruse while reviewing in-store videotape of the alleged slip and fall. The security employee later determined Foster provided false identifying information.

While reviewing the tape, she recognized Foster and his videotaping accomplice as the two suspects in an identical incident that happened on the same date at the Castle Rock King Soopers. The suspects reportedly staged the incident at the Castle Rock King Soopers about thirty minutes before heading to Castle Pines.

Deputies reported that the three teens who allegedly staged the fall in Highlands Ranch were videotaped by the store leaving in an older model green Ford Probe. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 303-660-7505. The teens face possible charges of criminal mischief.

Fraud reported in Castle Pines

A resident of Castle Pines filed a report of fraud after receiving a collection letter for a bogus account. The letter was from Intuit, demanding payment of $162.63. The reporting party told the responding deputy he has never had an account with Intuit. The letter was sent to his home address to a company named Rosendo Pont, which he did not recognize.

He contacted Intuit, which confirmed they had his name, date of birth and Social Security number on the account that was established for him. The deputy advised him to check his credit report and deactivated the case for lack of suspect information or leads.

Criminal impersonation found

Officers received a call from a Douglas County man who owns and operates a concrete company. When he prepared to file his 2012 taxes, he found someone has used his Social Security number to file tax returns. He was advised to contact the Federal Trade Commission and Social Security Administration and to file a police report.

He does not know who may have used his Social Security number and he did not give anyone permission to use it. He was never notified that a check was issued and he does not believe anyone received a refund under his Social Security number. The case was deactivated until information becomes available to aid in the investigation.

Perry Pines burglary reported

A Larkspur woman reported on March 2 she opened her garage door to find the alarm on her daughter’s rental car sounding. She saw a shadow of a man by the car and enlisted the aid of her son-in-law, who was in the house. The alleged intruder was gone by the time she and her son-in-law returned to the garage.

She believed the intruder was about 5 feet, 10 inches tall and was wearing dark pants and a dark shirt. The responding officer walked around the immediate area of neighboring houses and did not find any human footprints. The deputy photographed the footprints at the crime scene and measured the foot prints with his pocket guide to criminal laws book.

The deputy did not take fingerprints off the car door handle because the reporting party had entered the vehicle from both the passenger and driver doors after calling 911. The reporting party had sent text messages to neighbors in the Perry Park subdivision asking them to call police if they saw any suspicious activity. The case was deactivated for lack of leads.



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