Douglas County Fair holds first horse auction


Jordan Brown and Abby Hutchinson washed and groomed the two horses that are scheduled to go on the block Aug. 2 at the Douglas County Fair’s first-ever performance horse auction.

“We’ve had these horses about two years as part of our string of about 10 that we have to work our cattle ranch,” Brown said. “We keep most of our horses a couple years. Sometimes it is hard to sell a particular horse but there are also times when you have a horse you want someone else to own.”

The Del Norte rancher said his bay horse is about 13 years old while the buckskin is about six.

“It just is time to sell the older horse,” Brown said. “But the buckskin is going to auction because it is the age a lot of people want so it’s sort a matter of supply and demand.”

He said he wants as much as he can get for the horses but noted that about $2,500 or more would be a good price for the older horse and any amount over $4,000 would be a good price for the buckskin.

Bob Thomas, fair board member, said the county wanted to start having a horse auction, the board figured it would be a good addition to the fair so it was added to the program.

“A horse auction brings people to the fair,” he said. “It is also good for those coming into and leaving 4H. It provides a guy or girl who is graduating out of 4H the chance to sell their horse plus it is an opportunity for someone just starting in 4H to buy a horse.”

Putting on a horse auction requires expertise so the fair hired Colorado Horse Company out of Fort Collins to handle the event. Thomas said the company has the experts to perform all the required inspections of the animal’s health, brand and soundness required before the horse is put up for auction.

The auction catalog listed 42 horses by name along with a little bit about the animal. Thomas said while many of the sellers are from Colorado, there are also sellers from several surrounding states.

“We have a pretty good catalog of horses listed and we hope we draw a big crowd for the event,” he said. “It would be nice to have 300 or 400 people there with most of them making bids to buy horses.”


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