Councilmember Ford speaks out on recall


At the May 17 Castle Rock Town Council meeting, Councilmember Brett Ford encouraged the citizens of Castle Rock to get involved and let their voices be heard.

“I've always believed that a recall should be used when one has committed fraud, embezzlement and illegal acts, however, that has not happened,” Ford said, about how he opposes the recall of fellow councilmembers Paul Donahue and Renee Valentine.

According to petitioners, the recall is based on the leadership style, dramatically reducing the amount of public comment at meetings, supporting development and denying federal grant monies.

“This election is not about fraud,” Ford said. “It's not about embezzlement or illegal acts. The question before this town is no longer about the mayor,but how we see our system of government. If you don't like them, should we recall them? If they vote for what they believe is the right thing, they are out? In our town, that's all it takes to be recalled out of office.”

The date has been set for July 26 for the recall election of Donahue, District 1 councilmember and mayor. The recall vote of Valentine, District 5 councilmember, is moving forward. To vote in the recall elections, residents must live in the district the councilmember in question represents.

But Ford is encouraging residents who don't live in those districts to still be involved in the process.

“Be involved in the dialogue,” he said. “What do you want your elected officials to do? And what do you want them to look like? … I ask the citizens of Castle Rock to step up and ask yourselves how do you see the future of your elected officials?”


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