Castle Rock reserves $30,000 for rebate program to reward conservation


There is a prize awaiting Castle Rock customers who take water conservation seriously, courtesy of those who perhaps don’t.

Town council continued its water rebate program for the 2013 watering season, with $30,000 in rebates available to participating customers. The program is funded by fees collected for water restriction violations and from a portion of the Block 4 water revenue — a surcharge impacted on Castle Rock’s highest water consumers.

“The surcharge (is) for customers using over 40,000 gallons per month,” said Heather Beasley, water resources manager. “If you’re watering on the wrong day of the week, you can pay a watering violation.”

The water rebate program began in 2006 and has since distributed more than 3,000 rebates to participating customers. The program will continue as long as violation and overwatering fees continue to roll in, according to the town’s water department.

“Town council hasn’t wanted to use regular taxpayer water revenue for conservation, we only want to use money from people penalized for excess water use,” said Mark Stevens, town manager. “Because people have responded so well and conserve water, that has reduced the money available for conservation rebates. If you’re in compliance with your water budget, we don’t take from that water bill for rebates. We only use penalty money.”

The rebate program helps the town meet and sustain its conservation goals, Beasley said. Town council approved four rebates and one customer irrigation-system review for the 2013 rebate program.

Rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis and will continue while funding is available.

The 2013 rebates include rebates for replacing fixed spray nozzles with rotary nozzles, up to $1,500 for replacing high-consumption landscaping with xeriscape or hardscape, and money for installing a rain sensors and smart irrigation controllers.

Commercial customers can also participate in the program.

“This has been a very, very successful program during the year,” said Councilmember Clark Hammelman. “If people want to participate, they should act early because this money doesn’t last throughout the year.”

An application is required to participate. For more information about the water rebate incentive program or to apply, call 720-733-6000 or visit the town’s website at, select town services under the town government drop-down menu, go to utilities/Castle Rock water, select customer resources and select rebates from the drop-down menu.


2013 conservation rebate incentive program

• SMART irrigation controllers — 50 percent of the cost of the controller. A maximum of $300 for residential and $1,500 for commercial or HOA property owner.

• Rotary nozzle replacement — Up to $5 per nozzle; minimum of $20; maximum of $200 per residential customer and $2,000 for commercial customer.

• Rain sensors — 50 percent of the cost of the sensor, up to $50.

• Smartscape renovation — $1 per square foot of high water use plant material removed. A minimum 250 square feet; maximum of 1,500 square feet.

• A free irrigation audit from the town’s water department for customers having difficulty meeting their water budget. The audit includes an inspection of the sprinkler system and recommendations to improve system efficiency and controller programming.

Source: Town of Castle Rock water department


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