Castle Rock Mayor reacts to weapons bills


Castle Rock Mayor Paul Donahue led town council in its effort to send a message urging Gov. John Hickenlooper to refrain from signing new gun legislation, calling the bills “unconstitutional.”

On March 21, the day after Hickenlooper signed the bills, Donahue doubted the laws would do anything to reduce gun violence or reduce the number of firearms that land in the hands of criminals.

“These types of laws don’t make sense,” Donahue said. “You can’t outlaw evil and evil intent, it’s there in the world. You can’t prevent law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves from that.”

The legislature drove the gun laws on the heels of mass tragedies, without a reasonable discussion about the impacts on law-abiding citizens, Donahue said. He hopes for reversal of the laws to open the debate, step aside from the emotions that drove the legislation and engage in a more thoughtful dialogue, he said.

“I cannot lend my father-in-law my rifle for a hunting trip because that makes both of us criminals,” Donahue said. “This is not common-sense legislation at all.”



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