My name is...Cameron Davis

Castle Rock native, personal trainer at Rock Star Fitness, located at 727 Wilcox St.


About me

I was born and raised in Castle Rock. I went to Douglas County High School. I grew up pretty normal, playing soccer as a kid, outdoorsy, camping, hiking, all those things. I was pretty active. I got into challenging myself with Tough Mudders — the 12-mile obstacle course up in the mountains. Then I told my wife, who is actually my high school sweetheart, I wanted to look into being a personal trainer. It’s just a lot of fun.

Personal training

I work with clients going all the way up to 91 years old, then clients in their 60s. I’ve got one gal with a double knee, double hip, shoulder replacement. We do a lot of post-rehab too — I’ve got a lot of injury clients. I’ll do about 30 sessions a week, so I’ve really only got room for about two or three more myself. I think it’s about 16 or 17 different people.

I got into it mostly just because of my own active lifestyle. I’ve always been the one to run, jump and climb. So it was something that I guess I kind of cared about. What I really like is, my clients impress me all the time. They are just the most amazing people.

When I’m not working

I’ve always loved going backpacking with my wife and my dogs. Two dogs, one big and one small. The Rottweiler has her own backpack too. That’s probably one of our number one go-to’s, along with rock climbing, day hikes. My most recent hobbies are fishing and woodworking.

My advice

It’s all about consistency and moving forward. You don’t have to be perfect for a month. You have to be OK for 10 months. It’s not easy, but give yourself a little slack. Always try to be a little bit better each week. People who set goals too high, they’re not even going to try to achieve it.


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